Dona Goeller was born and raised in Maryland. Her interest in politics peaked during President Regan’s first term as she stood along the parade route and later witnessed the inauguration in Washington D.C. on that freezing yet so energizing day. Ms. Goeller has lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for 16 years. She was co-owner and operator of a retail gift shop in Saint Michaels for 8 years. She has also worked as a licensed Real Estate agent in the Talbot County area.

Ms. Goeller understands that the way to grow the economy is to empower able people to do for themselves. Give people the tools and freedom to create, build and enterprise without the choke hold of unreasonable taxes and regulations, and we will see jobs with a strong economy follow.

Dona also has over 18 years of experience in Commercial Insurance Operations and Compliance. She has watched while our government has forced healthcare regulation on the people without regard for actuarial justification, cost, and, most importantly, the will of the people. She understands how this method of “fixing” healthcare will only lead to deeper despair to those in most need.

Ms Goeller is currently the Treasurer of the Republican Central Committee of Talbot County. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Baltimore. Dona currently lives in Easton where she enjoys taking advantage of the great seafood and produce of the Eastern Shore while cooking for family and friends.

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